Euphoric Uplifting

By : OST Audio FL Studio V20.6

U.N.I.X. Alcatraz (ZEED)

By : ZEED Store FL Studio 20.6.2 & FL Studio Mobile 4.4.5

Tonight - Hybrid Trap FL Studio Template

By : Azamiavona FL-Studio 20.9.2

Miracle Sounds - All I Need FL Studio Templates

By : Tech-it Samples FL Studio V20.6 Or Higher

FL Studio Melodic House Vol. 4

By : Amir Farhoodi FL Studio 20.72 Or Higher

Purple Noise FL STUDIO Template Tech House

By : Tech-it Samples FL Studio V20.6 Or Higher

4 Full FL Studio – Beginners Pack vol-1

By : Amir Farhoodi FL-Studio 20 Or Higher

FL Studio Template – Techno & Acid Vol. 1

By : Amir Farhoodi FL Studio Project 20.7.2 Or Higher

Lofi Chill Hop – FL Studio Template Vol. 1

By : Amir Farhoodi FL Studio 20.7 Or Higher

Fl Studio - Synthwave music Project

By : BaterBeatz Fl Studio 20.8.4

10 in 1 Uplifting Trance Bass Beat FL Studio Templates Vol. 2

By : Myk Bee Music. FL Studio V20 Or Higher Version.

10 in 1 Uplifting Trance Bass Beat FL Studio Templates

By : Myk Bee Music. FL Studio V20 Or Higher Version.

Catharsis – Uplifting Trance FL Studio Template

By : Myk Bee Music. FL Studio V.12.05 Or Higher Version.

Jungle Tech House FL STUDIO Template Biscits Style

By : Tech-it Samples -Requires FL Studio V20.6 Or Higher
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FL Studio Templates - Download Professional Project Files

If you have any experience using professional standard digital audio workstations (DAWs), you'll know that it takes a lot of time and effort to get the right setup of loops and samples for your project. Even if you're just starting out, you will likely have a sound profile in mind. Using a palette of pre-defined settings for your project can give you a real head start in creating professional sounding audio, whatever genre you're working in.

FL Studio is one of the most commonly used DAWs in Hip Hop and EDM productions. Each FL Studio Template comes with a genre-specific collection of sounds and patterns. Vocals, synths and rhythm section samples all come with the package, each carefully chosen to create the right groove or ambiance for a professional sounding project. Additionally, pre-set loops lock you right into the melodies and rhythms that drive today's chart-topping tracks. All that's required then is your touch of genius to knock out the next club phenomenon.

Working this way is straightforward. In fact, when you first open your DAW, you're already doing it. That Kick, Clap, HiHat and Snare setup that you probably think is a bit lame is just the default template. It is just a set of channels, predefined with samples, loops, mixers and MIDI-data. Using these settings saves you all the setup steps that take up time. Producers often want to reproduce the same basic sounds before they can really begin work. But you don't need to think about defining and perfecting every sound each time you set out. Instead, just pre-load and then focus on the ideas that matter. Mainline your inspiration rather than fiddling with the foundations.

FL Studio Templates for a range of music genres
FL Studio Templates from watts dance music are based on contemporary trends, allowing the seasoned expert and newcomer alike access to the sound profiles and arrangements that the market demands. Our FL Studio Templates are available for a range of genres, including Bigroom EDM, Deep House, Dance, Electro House, Future Bass, Tech House, Techno, Trap, Hip Hop and more. They are also royalty-free, so that the break-through hit you're going to make stays yours.