NEELIX STYLE | Ableton Live 11 Psytrance Templates

By : PSYFORM Bpm : 138, Length : 5:19, DAW (version) : Ableton 11, Key : A

Avicii - Levels (Ableton Remake Template - BEST QUALITY!)

By : Star Sample Ableton Live 11 V11.25 Suite

Progressive Trance Vol. 1 (Gaia, Assaf – Armin van Buuren – ASOT Style)

By : Vadim Bonkrashkov 132 BPM, Length : 05:41, DAW : Ableton 10, Key Dm

The kit drum bass - Ableton 10 Templates Bundle

By : Kaeh Fan Prod. DAW : Ableton 10 Or Higher

Trance Drops 2 - Ableton Templates, SoundBanks

By : TranceWaver Bpm : 128, Length : 01:45, DAW (version) : Ableton 11, Key : A#

Servona - Ableton 11 Templates

By : Kaeh Fan Prod. Ableton 11.0.2

QBanner - Motivational Ableton 11 Templates

By : Kaeh Fan Prod. Ableton 11.0.2

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Mind Float - Ableton 11 Templates

By : Kaeh Fan Prod. Ableton 11.0.2
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Watts Dance Music offer the finest selection of royalty free ableton templates available anywhere, packed with expansive content to enhance your sound and boost your creativity. Our ableton sample packs have been created and curated by established artists, professional sound designers and talented beatmakers who know how to get the best out of Ableton Live - putting their knowledge, skills and experience directly into your projects. Our ableton templates come with a wealth of meticulously selected content, with ableton presets, devices, sampler patches, effects chains, midi files and audio samples to deliver a world of auditory possibilities and creative flow. Discover ableton samples and loops for the most popular genres including house, trance, techno, drum & bass, downtempo, edm, electro and many other styles, polished and treated to sit firmly in the mix.

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Ableton Live Templates are a quick and certain means to get straight to your desired genre sound. When you're inspired, you don't want to lose that feeling by working up a technical config from scratch. Using our templates in your project is straight forward. Just load the template into your DAW and you will see a pre-configured set of loops and samples, effects chains and presets, with your workflow set up and ready to go. The mix and mastering settings are here pre-configured by expert audio producers who know just how to create the building blocks of the kind of club banger that DJs love.

These Ableton Live Templates are also great for practice and mixing. If you're just setting out, or want to brush up your production skills, what better way than to take examples from top professional producers? You can study these arrangements and drill down into individual settings to understand what drives contemporary digital music production. This allows you to make adjustments with confidence, with an experienced guiding hand, rather than having to re-invent from scratch.

All templates for Ableton Live are royalty-free, so you can edit, tweak and re-arrange to your liking and build your tracks and commercial productions on top without worries.